The Founder

Contemporary Art and Design

OliviaRawnsley is a contemporary art and design studio founded by Olivia Rawnsley in 2016. Currently living and working in London Olivia has been a practising artist since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art in 2014. It was during her time there that she became fascinated with the traditional technique of paper cutting and how the laborious process slowly revealed the final piece with each precise incision. It was the idea of removing sections of paper to reveal the image, the design magically emerging from a blank piece of paper that captivated her.
Throughout each work there is a conversation between positive and negative space, as one is removed and only the other remains. It was whilst working on a commission that the idea to create lighting first came to her. Drawing on inspiration from the work she was focusing on she created the company’s first lighting design from paper. Many months later the first prototype was realised and the idea became a reality.

Olivia at work

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