About OliviaRawnsley

Artisan British Manufacturer

OliviaRawnsley is a London-based design studio creating limited editions of handcrafted lighting and bespoke paper-cut works. Positioned between fine art and design, its principal aim is to fashion beautiful contemporary pieces that compel the viewer to investigate not only the design of an object but also how it interacts with the space around it. Each individual piece is assembled from one continuous sheet, as negative space is removed and only the positive remains to bring the image to life.
Integral to the company’s ethos is its commitment to British manufacturers. UK based artisans using natural materials handcraft each piece. The choice to use traditional craft techniques, small-scale artisans and workshops is a deliberate and considered choice by OliviaRawnsley that ties in with the company’s origins in paper cutting. OliviaRawnsley aims to evoke the magic of handcrafted objects that is often lost in large-scale manufacturing.

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