Artist Statement

Working and living in London, Olivia Rawnsley originally trained in sculpture but has gone on to create mainly two-dimensional works. Olivia’s work focuses specifically on nature and urban architecture. Throughout her practice there is a constant conversation between negative and positive space. The decision of what to cut and where to cut has to be deliberate and precise as one error can upset the equilibrium of the piece. Inspiration comes predominately from photographs Olivia takes throughout her daily life and in response to images that resonate with her personally. The work requires total absorption, concentration and obsession. Each piece is painstakingly hand cut with a scalpel using traditional paper cutting techniques. The intensity required for the work is apparent in the meticulous attention to detail and exactitude required to create each piece. Olivia uses a variety of different methods and mediums in the creation of her work: some are layered and cut from card with a strong focus on detail and pattern. Others are hand cut and then painted with acrylic ink crafting a more abstracted view of nature. The majority of works are framed between two panes of glass. This adds another dimension and layer to the piece as shadows are formed when light hits the work. Olivia’s practice is constantly evolving and developing as she perfects her skill and discovers new ways to convey her ideas.